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The Wheelwrights are an acoustic Americana trio based in Austin, Texas, making roots-based, indie-folk wrapped in rich vocal harmonies, dedicated to all things handmade. Three songwriters (Seth Grueneberg, Anna Larson, and Jon-Michael Rogers) create multi-instrumental, finely-crafted music that drives the back roads, eclectic in style and spirit.


Focusing on builidng a following in Central Texas listening rooms and house concert performances, The Wheelwrights were also official SXSW 2017 artists, and have appeared live on SUN Radio, KUTX Studio 1A, and KOOP Radio.

The multi-instrumental, multi-songwriter partnership celebrates sounds and images with their debut full-length album, A Forest In Trees (June 2017). Part album, part visual art project, the release features thirteen songs, each paired with a unique piece of art.  


Started as a monthly single release project in 2016, The Wheelwrights partnered with producers from different corners of the Austin music scene. Chris James (Pool Party), Jon-Michael Landon (Estuary Recording), and Britton Beisenherz (Ramblecreek Recording) provide different perspectives on the Americana sound, and let the grass-roots spirit of the project shine through. 


In the spirit of collaboration, the band shared each of the 13 tracks with 12 visual artists, encouraging them to let the song lead their creation.  Works across the spectrum- oil painting, photography, collage- are contained in an art-booklet designed by Seth Grueneberg (also a Wheelwright) accompanying both limited edition vinyl. 


The group is currently working on their second album, and will be appearing at the Cactus Cafe in May 2018.




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The Wheelwrights

A Forest in Trees

"From soulful folk to jumping bluegrass...a beautiful front-to-back listen" - The Austinot


“The visuals may be lovely but the real triumph is the music…the album is rich and eclectic, sweet and pure. Much like the band itself.” Georgiana Cook, KUTX 98.9

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